'Believe' Pure Silver Pendant


'Believe' Pure Silver Pendant


This beautiful 'Believe' Pendant is about 2" tall & weighs about 12 grams. The pendant comes with a 20" Sterling Silver Wheat Chain, made in Italy.

Each Pendant design was inspired by an original painting by Debbie. Hand-crafted to perfection & Pure Solid Silver (99.999%).

'Believe' Story by Debbie Arambula

more than Hope . . . more than Faith . . . It all starts with Believe
In each step of this journey called life, we are presented with adventures that test our abilities to withstand pain and more importantly discover pleasure.  I personally believe that the power of our thoughts directs the outcome of how we view & experience the journey. And for me, the power of two gives strength in any journey.

The dictionary defines 'Believe' as: Verb. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

For me, 'Believe' is pure knowingness, with no other thought in it! To 'Believe' is to know, without a doubt or reservation. When practiced, I find belief holds us up in dark times, sheds a light on the mountain to climb, uplifts and guides us through an unknown journey ahead, and like a flashlight, it inspiring strength, melts the fear and assists in creating a deeper connection to our hearts and souls.
To 'Believe' is pure strength, conviction, integrity, direction, knowingness. Even in the darkest hour, you control the power of your thoughts and the direction of your energies!

When I painted the original, I thought about you, your hopes and dreams. My intention was to reach my arms around your heart, inspiring you to live your dreams, reach for your goals and to disagree with the negativity! ‘Believe’ is my rendition of the pure essence of unconditional love; the powerful energy and support that can be generated by the love connection between two people who assist one another in life.

My wish is that ‘Believe’ not only inspires you, but gives you the energy to inspire others. It's about sisterhood, friendship, overcoming, winning, perseverance, strength and gaining positive certainty in the process. It's about giving you a gift that feeds your soul.

The Heart Artist’s Interpretation:

I love purple & pink mixed together. There is a particular way I mix them that is not only uplifting to me, but very spiritual. Pink is womanly and purple is creative; the perfect combination for womanly magic.

The pink & white striped background represents the past. The past is the past, and you & I are here now, in this moment! Find the strength and beauty in the simplicity of the word, 'Believe'.

The yellowish-orange represents our soul energy and openness to love. We all have so much love inside of us. Let it shine like the sun and the moon. Be the bright light of love that you are and never hold back!
Reaching out to your heart, I 'Believe' in you!

The deep pink-purple heart ribbon (me), around the big hot pink heart (you), represents the love that surrounds you, supports you, like giant arms around your soul, to hold you deep in your heart. I am here. You are not alone. Do you see me? 'Believe'!

I hope to inspire you and shower you with love!


Debbie Marie Arambula
The Heart Artist & Author of 'Believe’

Dedication: To Erin Bray-Holt & all those that give their hearts unconditionally to 'Believe' in their dreams!

I hope this piece inspires you to 'Believe' in your dreams and to expand your capacity to love & embrace growth in your journey of the heart.

The emotional energy, the colors, the sparkle of Real Swarovski Crystals in the word 'Believe' are not only visually magical, but an uplifting message to your heart. Debbie canvas is created to fuel your passions and energize your goals all the while flowing you some good vibes to believe in your dreams, without a doubt! This is the kind of positive thought-energy that makes it all happen and this is the kind of juju that 'Believe' was born in!' Love, Debbie

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